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The first ever diagnostic test that helps you
to understand the causes.

With a blood test find out if
and what is interfering with
your pregnancy

About the diagnostic test

IMMUNOX™ test measures 4 specific signals (biomarkers) on a blood sample, as follows:

  • embryo-toxic activity of the Complement - by measuring CATF biomarker (Complement Activity Toxic Factor)
  • sistemic inflamation - by measuring TNFalpha biomarker (Tumor Necrosis Factor alpha)
  • Immunosuppression - by measuring GLY biomarker (Glycodeline)
  • oxidative cell demage - by measuring TOS biomarker (Total Oxidative Status)

These biomarkers has been proved, may be effective in the case of unexplained subfertility and/or infertility, and being the real cause of the lack of pregnacy.




“ After 3 unsuccesfull Assisted Reproductive, Treatments, thanks to the team of I-VITAE, I could first detect and explain the causes of my infertility, then I was able to conceive with my husband in a natural way. Today, I am mom of Tommaso. I will always be thankful to Renato and his team, to become a mother. ”



“ Due to an auto-immune disease, I was not able to get pregant. My husband and I had travelled a lot to meet with specialists, being cured in different centers. When our hope seemed to end, thanks to I-VITAE, we did it.
Eventually, Pasquale was born! ”

How to make the test

The science behind IMMUNOX

Please have a look on our scientific paper here

The cost of IMMUNOX test

The price includes:

  • blood sample logistic
  • cost of shipping
  • test execution and results
  • consultation after results

Your privacy, our mission

At I-VITAE, we have adopted the highest privacy and data security standards, being compliant with the regulations in force, also according to Electronic Medical Records management. We have set internal procedures to avoid the loss, manipulation, or unauthorized access to data.

We will never sell or trade our customers’ data for any reason, to any company or organization in any field. This also in respect of out Ethic Code. To learn more please carefully read our Privacy Policy and our Service Contract.