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Confidentiality, Transparency, Seriousness and Integrity

We have defined an approach and integrated process based on "scientific research and clinical validation", specifically for WOMEN who wish to become pregnant, with focus on and respect for their specific needs. We provide help with consciousness and knowledge, passionate about discerning the best conditions for achieving the objective of natural conception and a happy path towards motherhood.
A scientific methodology which has been designed, developed and engineered for the maximum preservation of the woman's physical and couple's psychological integrity, down to the finest details and with regard for the delicate moments which distinguish the search for maternity.

Our daily activity is inspired by the following fundamental principles:

  • respect for women and their opinions;
  • a maximum confidentiality and secrecy guarantee for all information we process;
  • equal access to our services, even for couples in a tough financial situation, through no-profit programmes to provide access to our services for free or at subsidized rates;
  • a laical approach to provide a valid support for all women wishing to become pregnant, with the same levels of passion and commitment, regardless of their social status, religion, political affiliation or other discriminating factors;
  • the use of "user friendly" technologies, in respect of women's right to obtain information useful for conscientiously making the right decisions;
  • transparent behavior to always ensure the best scientific support for issues at hand, with clear and exhaustive answers; utmost respect for the right and faculty to undertake decisions which also regard health;
  • The right to dignity, physical and psychological well-being
  • The right to freedom and safety
  • The right to self-determination
  • The right to quality and service customization
  • The right to privacy
  • The right to freedom of expression, thought and conciousness