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Towards a possible maternity

Your guide to articles and research into infertility

Juliane, the passion for the health of a woman born from a personal experience

Julian, the passion for the health of a woman born from a personal experience.

She is a businesswoman and business angel in the digital health sector, passionate about women's health. I-VITAE Advisory Board, Juliane Zielonka shares her experience in the healthcare market of the DACH area and her extensive opinion leaders network. It provides support to businesses operating at the intersection of science and technology. He is the founder of a portal in German, dedicated to all women with fertility problems, who provides scientific knowledge to support her in choosing the best care for their family health and planning.

I-VITAE and Ethics

Towards the end of 2013, when my friends (and business partners) Renato, Massimo and Massimiliano decided to undertake this adventure, we had not entirely understood its human and ethical sense: men helping women!

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ART and infertility

Is it true that we are over-using Assisted Reproductive Treatments?

It is interesting to try to understand the options for an infertile couple trying to achieve their greatest dream of having a child, in the complex field of infertility
The process which culminates in this joyous event leads to a crossroad, where one road leads towards attempting natural conception, and the other one towards medically (ART).
Of course there are specific clinical cases which lead couples towards the second option, however other circumstance leave room for an alternative solution.
Several studies presented by authoritative scientific journals, such as the one published on BMJ by Kamphuis et. al, demonstrate without much doubt that in many cases, the answer to the question in the title is probably YES.

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