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All the experts are experts on what was. There is no expert on what will be.
To become an expert on the future, vision must replace experience.

D. Ben-Gurion


Alessandro Scozzesi

CEO - Chief Executive Officer

I'm 43 and the father of Nicolò and Asia. I have two degrees in economics and a master in biotechnology management. As a young boy I hated studying, I didn't understand the point. Now I study how to improve our company and create a unique service which helps the greatest possible number of women to achieve maternity.


Renato Colognato

CSO - Scientific Director

Science is my "battlefield"! I am passionate about all aspects of Research and Development in biology, ever mindful of the purpose: the improvement of diagnosis and treatment, in a holistic sense, of pathological conditions. I could define myself as a BIOLOGIST by choice and NATUROPATH by vocation! My passion: my women, my wife Cora and my children, Luciana and Francesca.


Davide Ederle

BD - Business Developer

I’m a biotechnologist with a passion for innovation. I have two M.Sc., one in Scientific Communication and one in SME Management, and more than 10 years experience in Science Parks and start-up development. My job is now to help our innovation to get in touch with all the women pursuing maternity.


Federica Cappelletti

Editor in Chief & PR

I'm a scientific journalist and from decades I've been working in the health sector, in which I'm an estimated opinion leader. I've recived some awards for my work, such as the Fertility Award 2.0 first price. Vittorio Feltri, in his book "Il Vittorioso", said that he would love to hire "Federica Cappelletti". I'm a woman and I love to communicate to the women for the women.

Giuseppe Pigoli

CMO - Medical Director

I first discovered biomedical research as a young student in the USA. Since then I have brought together the microscope and clinic. One of the most satisfying things for me is when I make a new observation or learn a new concept through my work: it contributes towards the serenity through which I experience family affection.


Cinzia Arnaboldi

Laboratory technician

I’m graduated as laboratory technicians. I have been dealing during my professional life with Customer Care, a skill that now I use to serve I-VITAE and all the women in their way to motherhood.
I love nature and my passion is for botanicals and herbal medicine.

Sonia Gallazzi Ritratto

Sonia Gallazzi

2.0 I-Vitae path's Manager

Since I was a baby I discovered that Nature is my playground. From that moment I never stopped to rely on Nature and Naturopathy is the professional path that I choose and that allowed me to bring the Mother Earth message, with its plants with their healing properties, to be offered to everyone. My guides in the woods are Arianna and Elisa, my two beautiful and adventurous little girls. An open heart after that does all the rest.


Edoardo F. Liotta

Web dev & Content creator

I’m  28,  graduated  in “Graphic  design  and  corporate  communication” at  ABA  in  Catania  and specialized  in  “Graphic  design  &  Multimedia” at  LABA  in  Brescia. 

I  reckon  myself  to  be curios  and  I  try  to  bring  it  in  my  everyday  working  life, to  communicate  what we  do,  as easy  as  possible,  making  this  usable  for  every  women may  need  our  services. 

Incoronata Laurenza - Community Management & PR - I-VITAE

Incoronata Laurenza

Community Management

I'm the mom of Luciana and Francesca, my princesses. I'm a biologist and nutritionist. I know what does it mean to be waiting and dreaming for a child that doesn't come because I lived it. Besides to be a mother, my passion is helping and supporting "our girls" that we meet every day in I-VITAE.

Antonio Panigalli - Mentor I-VITAE

Antonio Panigalli

Advisory Board

Serial BA & VC over the last 20 years I've been lucky to be able to participate in numerous start-up operations, some of which went onto be listed. I have seen the creation of hundreds of start-ups in a vast array of sectors, also through SGR and investment funds I have been involved in. I am absolutely smitten with the women of my life: my wife and 3 daughters.


Juliane Zielonka

Advisory Board

I am a digital health entrepreneur and angel investor with a passion for women’s health, bringing my vast experience in DACH healthcare markets and sharing my dedicated key opinion leader network. I love to support value based businesses at the junction of life science and technology. Having built my own startup which is a patient portal for women suffering from fertility threatening diseases and providing them scientific proven knowledge for informed choice regarding their well-being and family planning.

Filippo Mecacci - Mentor I-VITAE

Filippo Mecacci

Advisory Board

I have experience in the biotech field, in positions ranging from CFO, CEO, Supply Chain Managerand M&A Manager, for multinationals in Europe and the USA. I focus on business development and strategic planning, the development of industrial plans for fund raising purposes.